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Research and Development

Research and Development

Muzaffer Pınarbaşı Company



Research and development is one of the subjects our company is superior at. Since the day we started working, we have aimed to process high amounts of material and obtain high quality and low costs along with that. Required machinery and ancillary equipment have been produced by the engineer and technical personnel in line with operational needs. PLC software has been benefited from in development of these machines and production losses deriving from personnel faults have been prevented. Control of various machine systems within our factory has been computerized and control of production status and parameters through mobile devices at desired place has been rendered possible. We have had R&D projects which received support from İzka and Tübitak. Concerning machines developed, Utility Model Certificate was taken from Turkish Patent Institute.

KAIZEN method has been adopted concerning elimination of breakdowns in our production system and creation of sustainable production through minor and constant improvements has been aimed.