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It became the Main Supplier of Cullet of the Aegean Region in 1997 by reaching agreement with Anadolu Cam Sanayi A.Ş. within Cam Holding. By making the necessary investments in 1997, it established furnace ready cullet facility that enables charging Glass Container Wastes to cullet batch directly as raw material. This facility has the characteristics of being the first private investment established apart from factories of Anadolu Cam Sanayi.  

In 1997 it established and managed Glass Container Waste collection system through money boxes at 1.500 points in approximately 50 municipalities within provincial borders of İzmir, Aydın, Denizli, Manisa, Muğla, Balıkesir and Çanakkale. Collection and recycling of container wastes accumulated in glass money boxes through crane and dump trucks was ensured.

EGEÇEV started its activities as our sister company in 1997.

Our facility, which started in 1998 PET container waste buying in addition to glass container waste, started to collect and press PET container wastes first. In 2001, it established a new facility towards breaking and washing of PET containers. It has become one of the leading enterprises in washed PET cullet production, which is obtained as a result of sorting out, breaking and after that washing and drying of PET container wastes.

In 2001-2002 it performed semi-product sale to countries such as China and Belgium to be used in recycling.

In 2004 Plastic (PP) granule line was taken into production, and post-use Plastics (PP) are treated through extruder and raw material is produced for plastic injection industry.

In 2005 improvements were performed in current PET washing and drying line, and automation in washing and drying operations was shifted to.

In 2009 investments in separation technology towards future were made with the Color Separator (SpekMAG) purchased from German originated S+S (Seperation and Sorting Technologies GmbH) and Polymer Separator (VARISORT) performing separation in bottle form.  

In 2010 Xinda brand compound machine was included in production system and granule was obtained from PET breaks.

In 2011 a new facility was opened in Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone in order to separate covers and stickers on PET containers. Production losses were regained to the industry through separation systems and extruders.

In 2012 computer programmed washing system were commissioned. Following that system, NIR technology separator machine separating plastics in break form into their colors and polymer types was added. Thus, obtaining high quality and standard product was ensured.

In 2013 container system was shifted to through Hooklift vehicles concerning cullet collection system, and cullet collection channels were enhanced and amount of cullet collected was increased.

PC (Polycarbonate) bottle recycling was initiated in 2013. PC demijohn bottles taken from water filling facilities are processed by using the latest technology systems, and superior quality product is obtained.

Our company is proceeding with determination to improve recycling technologies, and will continue presenting high quality recycled products by using its unique method which is its own design as it is now.

Our enterprises are one of the first enterprises to have been awarded by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry with the Collection and Separation Facility License and Recycling Facility License in accordance with provisions of Solid Waste Disposal. They still continue their activities as enterprises awarded by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry with the Collection and Separation Facility License and Recycling Facility License.